Baby Project #2: Drawer Liners

This blog has been so overly baby related lately.  I do apologize.  I promise there are other things going on in Dan and I’s lives, baby is just so much the focal point for us right now.  I do have plans for a post about one of our highlights from the Europe trip and last weekend’s big GoDaddy party – so if you aren’t here for baby updates, stay tuned for those.  If you are here for baby updates (or both), check out my latest project below!

These drawer liners are another thing that are not anywhere near being a necessity for the nursery (along with the closet organizers).  It’s just something cute and fun I saw online and decided to do.  That blog I linked to is one that I actually get a lot of inspiration from so don’t be surprised if you see me link to some of their other projects in the near future.  I thought it would be nice anytime we open up the dresser drawers to grab diapers, socks, or anything else, to see these bright or interesting papers that make us smile.

Our dresser has 3 small drawers along the top, and 2 larger, deeper drawers on the bottom.  We picked out 3 kinds of scrapbook papers that we liked at the craft store for the top 3 drawers.  We’ll have to find some wrapping paper somewhere else (looked in the store and didn’t find any we liked so far so we may end up ordering some sheets online) for the 2 larger drawers.  It was hard enough to piece the 2 sheets together for the smaller drawers, I don’t think I want to try it for the larger drawers.  We wanted to pick paper that could somewhat “grow” with Finn and not be too childish.  I would have loved to line it all with little whales, star fish, and fishies, but since this crib/dresser set is convertible and could potentially be the furniture he ends up using through college, I didn’t want to take it that far.  His room won’t *always” be undersea creatures, after all!  We chose a bright plaid, a newsprint, and a robot print.  The robots could be a little kiddish, but Dan thought it was “badass” and he’s 29, so I thought that one could last a little longer than fishies.  ;)

Step 1: Trim the paper and get all the lines to match up perfectly (not!) to fit the size of the drawer.  After wiping out the drawer for any dust or animal hair of course.  This was the toughest step.  Have to pick your papers very carefully to pull this off.

Step 2: Put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of the drawer, but just thick enough that the paper will stick to it.

Step 3: Apply paper to drawer, paying special attention to smooth it out as it was being pressed so that there were no bubbles or lines.  I wasn’t perfect at it, but I did pretty well.  I think I’m more worried about attempting the larger drawers with the thinner wrapping paper.  =/

Step 4: Wait 3-4 hours for Mod Podge to completely dry and then apply another thin layer over the top of the papers to seal everything in and protect the paper.

I love the finished product.  Just as a side note, the robot print paper did not work out so well.  I didn’t take my time with it like I did the others and so there were quite a few bubbles and lines.  But oh well, like I said, me and Dan are likely the only ones to see it.  :)