I don’t know what else to call what we’re having other than a BABY CELEBRATION!  From the beginning I knew I wouldn’t want a traditional baby shower where it’s just the girls.  I really thought that a pregnancy is something for the couple to enjoy and celebrate together.  I wanted Dan to be a part of everything we did, and I think he’s really glad of that.  He would have been fine if I wanted it to be just a girls thing, but I think he’s really excited about being included and able to celebrate with everybody as well.  We’re pretty non-traditional anyways, hence why we decided to get married in Cancun.

Our very good friends, Julie and Jason, who we went to Europe with and we pretty much do everything with, so generously offered to throw us a “shower”, along with our parents.  We are so thankful and can’t believe that Julie was so willing and happy to do this for us.  And in such a short time!  We decided to have it on the 21st because Dan’s aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins will be visiting then so it worked out perfect.  This is such an amazingly generous gift, considering that she had just had a baby on December 17th and is a brand new mom!  She made the cutest invites (seriously, they blew me away – I may just have to take a few pics to show them off!), sent save-the-dates, and has been doing all the planning.  I just can’t begin to express how grateful we are.  My parents and Jayne are taking care of all the food and prep.  Dan and I are just really, really lucky to have the best friends and family out there!!!  We are so looking forward to this Saturday.

Anyways, so we invited all our close friends and in-state family.  I would have loved to have had our entire family from out-of-state as well be there, but my mom felt really leary about sending invitations and having it look like we were just asking for gifts when we knew they wouldn’t be able to come.  Ugh, but I also really did want them to get an invitation because they were ADORABLE!  When really, if we did send them, it would have been because we wanted them to know that we would have LOVED for them to be there, not about getting a gift at all.  It would have been AWESOME if my mom’s sisters, all our cousins, and my grandparents could have been there to celebrate with us.  Oh and Crystal, too!  We’re just so excited about Finn and want to share that excitement and this celebration with everybody!!!  That’s what this is about for us.

We’re having a BBQ in a park, except it’s not a barbeque.  We’re doing a “taco bar” where people can make their own tacos and that way nobody is stuck being responsible for grilling for the whole event.  My parents will cook/prep everything at home, load it up in crock pots to keep it warm, and wah-lah!  For desserts we’re doing cupcakes.  My good friend/co-worker, KT started a cupcake business and so we’re supporting her new business venture and getting yummy cupcakes out of it, too.  They’re so good, I can’t wait to share them with everybody!

Again – we’re just so excited just to celebrate with anybody and everybody that can come, that’s just how we are!!!  And you know I’ll make sure to update the site with pics from the celebration!

I snapped a couple pictures of the adorable invites – Julie put so much time into them:


2 thoughts on “Baby-Shower-Celebration?

  1. Christa

    Those *are* adorable! And I love the book idea! I so wish I could go. :(

    Oh–she should have put just a fin on there somewhere! Har, har. Fin-Finn? Yyyyyeah, it’s awful, I know. :p

  2. Jill

    Soooo wish you could go! And your mom & dad! And Aunt Laura! And … yeah, everybody would make it just about perfect! :(

    Haha yep I talk about “fin” and “Finn” all the time. Totally not planned, but cute none-the-less. Not awful at all. I love it.

    I’m so excited.

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