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So here’s our story. Or at least what I’m willing to share.

Several years ago, through a convoluted mishap that involved the running of the bulls and an explosion at a fireworks factory in Spain that also happened to be near a bowling ball factory, my great aunt Countess Hellena du de Berge died, and left me with a shiny new title. I traveled with my husband Count Dan to Europe, where we fell in love with the people and places we visited, especially their health care, but not the fog machines that seem to litter the countryside.

While there, we discovered a home that we knew we were destined to have, and it so happened to be for sale so we snatched it up at a cost of seven head of cattle and an Ikea Malm coffee table (so rustic!) and had the whole shebang shipped back to the Americas to be reassembled on our palatial estate.

There was a bit of a mixup, however, and somehow the house was put together in a slightly different configuration than before. We were so infuriated that we decided to have a baby in order to carry on our royal line and one day make war upon those who wronged us, and after several months young Archduke Finn was born.

We are now working towards getting the house of our dreams looking like the house of our dreams getting back into our own house again after losing it in a game of black jack, all while balancing the demands of a toddler with Olympic aspirations, a Count with a looming college graduation date, and a Countess with an emerging fascination with a certain dSLR camera and a love of all paper crafts.

And now you know.

A few more tid bits:

What the hell is St. Germainia and why is mania spelled wrong?
It’s a play on words. Our last name is St. Germain (yes, like the district in Paris) and the mania part is this crazy thing we’re the lead actors in called The Days of Our Lives. I know, it’s fucking confusing. Welcome to my world. And my name; where having a period and a space in your name is the WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO THE COMPUTER SINCE Y2K.

What kind of camera do you use?
99% of the time, my iPhone. The other 1% of the time we use our Canon Powershot S95 or our Nikon D5100. But mostly our iPhones. However, all of our Europe pics were taken with our Canon by The Count. Pretty good, eh? He’s good, that one.

What photo editing programs do you use?
Photoshop CS6 on my computer. Camera+, Snapseed, Instagram, and Afterlight on my phone, which is where most of my pictures come from.

What’s your favorite color?
Orange. And purple. No relation to the Phoenix Suns, although they are about the only sports team I can watch even though I pretty much loathe sports.

I’m interested in advertising with st. ger[MAiNIA].
Really? Because… really? Well, you’d be the first. Let’s talk. jill [at] stgermainia [dot] com