I didn’t talk about my birthday much in May. Or at all, really. I’ve been thinking really hard about being 29 over the last 2 months and what I want to accomplish. And that list is really like a can of worms. There’s so much I want(ed) to accomplish before I’m 30. Some things won’t happen. But after much inspiration from other bloggers, I decided that what makes me most happy is doing stuff. Making improvements around our house. Making gifts for people. Being handy, being creative, being productive. And I have to make that happen. No waiting around for other people (like The Count when he’s heavy into a weekend study session and I just want to go to Home Depot, but he can’t). Just go. And do.

My goal between now (I’m almost 2 months late already, yikes!) and next May when I hit the big 3-0 is to finish 29 Projects. I already have one cooked up for this weekend that I’ll be working on once the little Prince wakes up from his nap and we can head over to Home Depot. I’ll just let you know now that I’m not very original. I find most of my ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, but I’m okay with that. There’s a lot of really creative people out there who have made some really beautiful things for me to try to replicate. ;)