2016: Getting Healthy with Power 90


So, once again, the Count and I have embarked on a life-changing exercise and diet routine that we are hoping is going to change our lives. We did P90X six years ago and were in the best shape of our lives, but over the last six years things have fluctuated so much (I’ve had a freakin’ baby for crying out loud!) and our health and bodies are in no way where we want them to be. Other things have had priority and unfortunately our health has been placed on the back burner for far too long.

I would say, as I know I’ve said it here before, that I am not a vain person and overall I do not complain about the way I look. I don’t hyper focus on my weight or beat myself up for being overweight. I think I’ve always just realized that there are always many more important things to focus my energies on. The Count, on the other hand is extremely hard on himself. Self-esteem and body issues have always been something that he has struggled with. However, when you suffer from depression, it’s a little hard to focus your energies on them and often times, eating what makes you feel good takes priority.

We have been talking for far too long about finally doing something about our health and reeling everything in. Neither one of us is extremely out of control as far as our actual weight numbers, but our health is indeed suffering. He has serious heart and thyroid issues and any extra weight does not help. I have PCOS which contributes to elevated blood sugar and cholesterol as well as many chronic musculoskeletal issues with my back, feet, arthritis, and migraines.

With it being a new year and the Count having several (!) pharmacy school interviews coming up, we decided to start Power 90, another Beachbody workout video system, but one right below P90X because we are in no way, shape, or form, able to attempt P90X right now as we did six years ago! We started on Sunday, so last night was our 5th night. We have not taken our “before” pics or done our measurements yet, but are hoping to do so tonight. I hope to periodically keep this blog updated with our progress. It’s fun to look back on our old P90X progress pics and updates, so I hope this will do the same for us.

I wrote this back on January 8th and forgot to post it! More updates coming soon!