1/29 Projects.

So, about those 29 projects. Yeah, I’m actually doing them. I have 2 done. I was really busy this weekend and it felt amazing. Invigorating, even. I’m really excited to keep going and do more and maybe even finish my goal by the time I’m 30. Heh.

My first project was something I’ve had my eye on for quite a while admiring on Pinterest with dreamy eyes. I have to preface this with that my end goal is to fill our family/dining room walls after living here for over 3 years. We haven’t put hardly anything up and we have some very large walls, like maybe 20 feet tall? So, I planned some projects for this.

I had seen a lot of state string art, which were really cool, but we want to incorporate Arizona into our decor another way. I also found actual words that were done, but not so much our style. And then I found a bunch of ampersands and other symbols, which was almost perfect.

The ampersand didn’t speak to me though, because we aren’t an “and”. We’re three and as I’ve said many times, that number is pretty meaningful and significant to us, at least for the time being. We want it to be the three of us for a very long time, if not, forever. So, I solidified it in wood. And it made me happy. :)

I found the instructions on the “Rave On” sign to be very helpful. They actually told me what kind/size of nail to get and everything. So I used those instructions for this. And I really like how they used a font from the computer, but I didn’t have a projector so I just freehanded it like a lot of the other sites I found did.

Here’s what I did.


I bought a 2×2 piece of pine plywood and sanded it down everywhere so it was smooth and then put 2 coats of stain on it.


Self explanatory, I made my template. I made sure it was 3 inches all the way around.


And then I cut it out and started pounding in the nails just by eye about one inch apart. (Confession: I did the inside and a little bit of the outside on the bottom and then Dan helped me finish because my wrists really got tired!)


String Time. All over the place. Zig zag, straight lines, etc. I just tried to make it look right and as Dan said, every once in a while step back and look at it from further away. And I think I did alright. :)

The whole thing took me about 2 1/2 days to complete. I bought everything, sanded and stained it on Saturday, made my template on Sunday (and then started Project #2), and finished the nails and strung it on Monday. So far, lots of questions on what the “3” means when people saw it on Instagram or when I tried to explain it in person, but whatever. It’s us. We’re three. The St. Germainiacs. And that’s all that matters.

Oh yeah… the animals are highly interested in everything I am doing, as you can see.

logo_textThis is 1/29 projects that I am attempting to complete before my 30th birthday next May. Wish me luck.